Two Colombian nationals dead while fighting in Ukraine’s International Legion

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bogotá detailed in a statement that the Colombian Embassy in Poland, concurrent with Ukraine, learned the news of the death of two compatriots who were members of the International Legion, a corps of foreign volunteers integrated into the Ukrainian Army, on Tuesday.

The Embassy of Colombia in Poland has been been in contact with the relatives of the compatriots and is awaiting the decision that the family can take, in relation to the disposition of the mortal remains. The Foreign Ministry regretted the death of the Colombians, whose names were not disclosed, and stated that it “will be attentive to the development of the case.”

This is not the first time that colombian citizens have lost their lives while fighting in Ukraine. Last year, Christian Camilo Márquez, another Colombian that had joined the Ukrainian Army, died, as well as Alexis Castillo, 24, who was fighting alongside the pro-Russians in Donbas.

On the same day, Colombian president Gustavo Petro said in Buenos Aires that he prefers that the old Russian weapons that his country has acquired remain as “junk” on his land rather than give them to Ukraine, as requested by the United States Southern Command, Laura Richardson. He also advocated for “the pertinent dialogues be built” so that “this war ends”.

The Colombian Foreign Affairs Ministry is yet to provide any more details on the matter.

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