Deadly Shooting Strikes Near Los Angeles, USA

10 Dead After Man Opens Fire During Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration in California

At least 10 people are dead after a man opened fire at a dance hall in California where the Chinese Lunar New Year was being celebrated.

The shooting occured Saturday night in the city of Monterey Park. The police are searching for a man of Asian descencet as the suspected perpetrator.

This is the fifth mass murder in the United States this month and the first domestic attack since Joe Biden took office as President.

At a press conference, the police refused to further comment about the identity of the assailant and spoke only of an “Asian man” as the prime suspect.

In the wake of the shooting, the city of Monterey Park has announced plans to set up a crisis center to provide psychological counseling and trauma aid to those affected by the tragedy.

Crisis counseling will also be available to anyone in the area who needs it.

The FBI is investigating the shooting and has asked anyone with information to come forward. Authorities expect to update the public on their investigation soon.

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