Deadly Rains and Landslides Devastate Indonesia

At least 15 dead in Indonesia due to rains and landslides

Floods and Landslides Claim Lives in Indonesia

A recent landslide in Indonesia’s Natuna archipelago has left 50 people missing and 15 dead, according to Abdul Rahman, the head of the Natuna archipelago search and rescue agency. The disaster occurred on the island of Serasan, which belongs to the province of the Riau Islands, between Borneo and mainland Malaysia. The National Agency for Disaster Mitigation released images showing how mud and debris crushed and completely covered the houses near a cliff.

The remoteness of the town where the disaster occurred has added further complications to rescue efforts, according to authorities. The spokesman for the disaster agency in the Riau Islands, Junainah, explained that the communication network was cut, making obtaining information difficult. The unpredictable weather, with strong winds and high waves, also makes rescue efforts challenging.

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Indonesia, an island country, is susceptible to landslides during the rainy season, which are worsened in some areas by deforestation. Experts warn that such natural disasters will worsen with climate change. In 2020, the Indonesian capital Jakarta and nearby cities experienced some of the deadliest flooding in years after rains triggered landslides, resulting in the death of at least 67 people.

The tragedy serves as a reminder of the importance of disaster preparedness and the urgent need to address and mitigate the effects of climate change.


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