Dead Space Remake Too Terrifying for Its Creators to Play At Night

Exciting Times Ahead for Horror Adventure Fans: Robillard Confesses He Cannot Play Dead Space Remake

David Robillard, the technical director of the highly anticipated horror game Dead Space Remake, has caused quite a stir with his confession – he himself cannot play it due to the level of realism and atmosphere. In an interview for GamesRadar, Robillard was quoted saying, “When I’m playing it at night, I can’t play it with headphones. It’s just too scary.”

Dead Space Remake features over 1200 new scares, as well as a system designed to monitor one’s tension while playing. It is expected to be released in January 2023, and marks the beginning of what looks to be a big year for horror adventure fans, as three additional remakes – Resident Evil 4, Silent Hill 2, and Alone in the Dark – are also awaiting release.

Though The Callisto Protocol failed to live up to our expectations, it gave us a taste of what could come for the genre. Robillard’s statements, as well as the high anticipation for the four games, hint at an oncoming golden age for survival horror games. It is an exciting time to be a horror adventure fan!

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