Day Vásquez warns of government movements on social media


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Day Vásquez is determined to expose what is happening in State entities. On February 1, 2024, she issued new warnings that set off alarms. Vásquez made known about apparent irregularities in the Risk Management Unit of Disasters (Ungrd) and launched a new message pointing out what she believes is happening in the Colombia Efficient Purchase agency, also known as the National Public Contracting Agency.

Vásquez’s comments unleashed a wave of responses, speculating about a new scandal for the Petro Government. She also mentioned that she would have two years’ immunity to deliver information to the investigating entity. Vásquez’s comments have brought attention to the Ungrd, after alleged “tie” contracts were revealed that would favor Pastor Alfredo Saade, who was reportedly earning $24 million per month without meeting obligations in the entity. There was also controversy surrounding the hiring of Regina Isabel López Burgos, cousin of Nicolás Petro Burgos, who was recommended for a contract.

Vásquez’s new complaint also brings up the situation that would be registered in the Ungrd. She indicated that the principle of opportunity that she specified with the Prosecutor’s Office will be known on Friday, February 2, starting at 2:30 pm, when Judge Medina Cotes will rule. In the continuation of the hearing on Thursday, February 1, all parties to the case intervened, including Laura Ojeda, who wants to be declared a victim in this process.

Vásquez’s comments have sparked speculation and discussion on social media, and have brought attention to potential issues within various State entities. The situation is ongoing and will continue to be monitored as more information becomes available.

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