Davos Forum Focuses on Ukraine, China, and Brazil amid Global Economy Discussion

Packed Forum in Davos with Delicately Balanced Presence of China and Latin American Delegations

Nearly one year after the Russian invasion of Ukraine and a few days after a devastating attack that left 40 dead, the war for Ukraine is still present in the Swiss ski resort of Davos, where a Ukrainian delegation joins a multitude of world leaders. China, led by Vice Premier Liu He, is expected to relaunch its trade opening to the world, while Brazil is represented by the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Environment in order to seek foreign investment.

The executive directors of the International Monetary Fund and Greenpeace once again denounced the “hypocrisy” of the world elites present in Davos, with 500 private plane flights registered last year, and the NGO Oxfam asked for billionaires to reduce by half in 2030.

Over 5,000 soldiers are currently guarding the huge presence of world leaders, with a significant presence of Latin America, with presidents of Colombia, Ecuador and Costa Rica, as well as representatives of Peru and the Dominican Republic. The future of the Amazon is also a major concern in this edition, with young environmentalists like Helena Gualinga, known as the “Greta Thunberg of Ecuador,” present in the forum.

Russia, however, remains completely absent from the forum, despite traditionally welcoming its oligarchs with open arms.

The event is an important snapshot of the world order in a delicate balancing act between world powerhouses like China, the United States and Latin American countries.

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