Davies and Couto: Real Madrid Contract Renewal Uncertainty


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Alphonso Davies and Yan Couto are both full-backs with a bright future ahead of them. They are currently out of contract and are resisting attempts by Bayern and City Group to extend their ties, which expire on June 30, 2025. Real Madrid’s potential move for them depends on whether they sign an extension or not.

With Endrick joining the team next summer, there is a debate within Real Madrid about whether to pursue another big operation in attack, such as signing Mbappe or Haaland. The impact of bringing in a galactic player is being analyzed in detail, and the club is waiting to see how it could affect the team.

The full-back position is being carefully studied by the sporting management at Real Madrid. Carvajal’s contract is set to expire, but his continuity with the team is assured. Lucas Vazquez’s contract also ends this season, and his participation will determine whether he will be renewed for another season.

Couto’s value in the market is currently ten million euros, but Manchester City hopes to get more if he does not renew his contract. There have also been positive news about Alex Jimenez, a La Fabrica full-back on loan to AC Milan, who is playing well and gaining attention in both Milan and Madrid.

Tuchel’s message and the money offered for Davies by Bayern are key factors in his potential renewal. Real Madrid is willing to go to great lengths to secure his future with the team. Mendy and Fran Garcia currently hold the left wing of Real Madrid’s defense, and their contracts and potential renewals are being closely monitored.

The return of Miguel Gutierrez, along with other players with an option, is under study and will be completed in spring. Real Madrid is carefully considering their options for the future, and the potential signings of young talents like Buba Sangare are also being closely watched.

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