Daughters Unite: Chiquis Rivera Sings a Piece of Shakira’s New Song with Jenni Rivera

**Chiquis Reveals What Would Have Happened if Shakira Had Collaborated with Jenni Rivera**

In a recent interview, Chiquis Rivera, daughter of the late Jenni Rivera, revealed what would have happened if Shakira had collaborated with the Diva de la Banda.

Shakira’s song ‘BZRP Music Session #53’ made history on YouTube and other digital platforms and left millions of fans singing and dancing. But can you imagine what it would have been like if the Colombian singer had collaborated with Jenni Rivera?

Chiquis Rivera gave us a glimpse of what it would have been like. “It’s hard to imagine, the world would have been upside down,” she said.

Despite not being able to experience what the collaboration would have been like, Shakira was able to make many fans happier with her recent song. ViX: Unlimited entertainment with more than 100 channels, completely free and in Spanish, allows us to enjoy movies, series, soap operas, sports and thousands of hours of content in our language.

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