Daniel Osvaldo and Daniela Ballester’s reaction to infidelity rumors


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Daniel Osvaldo and Daniela Ballester have been sharing their day-to-day life together. The rumors of their romance began to circulate in the last weeks of 2023, surprising many in the world of entertainment. Daniela Ballester, a C5N journalist, and Daniel Osvaldo, a former professional soccer player, started dropping hints on social media. They were seen together in a van and shared similar content, hinting at a possible relationship.

The relationship between the two became more evident when Daniela Ballester posted a picture on her Instagram profile wearing a hat similar to the one worn by Daniel Osvaldo, along with a smile. She tagged Daniel Osvaldo in the post, using an emoji of a woman dancing and a fragment of a song by the group where Osvaldo sings. The post hinted at a romantic connection between the two.

Finally, the couple shared a post on social media, showing them together enjoying their love. The photo, posted on both of their social networks, confirmed their relationship. They were seen inside Osvaldo’s car, smiling and hugging, with the caption “I would like this to last forever” from Osvaldo and three red hearts from Ballester.

However, the relationship faced controversy when they stopped following each other on social media. Ballester dismissed the rumors of a breakup, claiming that her Instagram account had been hacked. She later revealed that everything was fine between them and they were returning from vacation. The next day, they posted a romantic joint publication, sweetened even more by a bolero by Armando Manzanero.

The controversy returned when Osvaldo was accused of infidelity, involving virtual exchanges with a yoga instructor named Florencia. Florencia claimed to have exchanged messages and videos with Osvaldo, suggesting unfaithful behavior during his relationship with Ballester. However, Osvaldo posted an image on social media of him kissing Ballester, accompanied by a text expressing his love for her. The image was later shared by Ballester on her networks, seemingly confirming their relationship.

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