Damien Wayne’s Batman game canceled over leaks


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The Damian Wayne Batman game by WB Games Montréal has been canceled due to a series of leaks that revealed a lot about the unannounced project, according to a voice actor who worked on it. In a Twitch livestream, voice actor Josh Keaton revealed that he almost played Damian Wayne in the game, but it was canceled after details were leaked online. Keaton, known for voicing Warcraft’s Anduin Wrynn, mentioned that he had participated in several sessions as Damian Wayne before the project was scrapped. He expressed disappointment over the leaks, stating that they revealed the entire plot, including the enemies, villains, and concept art, which ultimately led to the demise of the project.

The leaks had a significant impact on the game’s fate, as confirmed by the voice actor. Kotaku reported that Warner Bros. Games Montréal had started working on the Damian Wayne Batman game after the cancellation of a Suicide Squad game in 2016. However, the project was ultimately canceled sometime between 2016 and 2019. Despite this setback, Warner Bros. Games Montréal continued to work on Gotham Knights, which was eventually released in 2022 but struggled to find an audience. Meanwhile, Batman Arkham developer Rocksteady began working on its own Suicide Squad game, titled Kill the Justice League, which is set to launch next month.

The leaks surrounding the Damian Wayne Batman game were numerous and detailed, with concept art suggesting an aging Bruce Wayne and a dystopian Gotham in disrepair. The Batbike was rumored to be one of the main game mechanics, a feature that ultimately made its way into Gotham Knights. As of now, Warner Bros. has yet to announce WB Games Montréal’s next project.

The cancellation of the Damian Wayne Batman game serves as a cautionary tale about the impact of leaks on the gaming industry. It highlights the challenges faced by developers and the consequences of premature disclosures. Despite the setback, fans of the Batman universe can look forward to upcoming releases from other developers, such as Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad game. As for WB Games Montréal, the future remains uncertain, but the studio’s next project is eagerly awaited by fans and industry insiders alike.

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