HomeNewsDamar Hamlin Receives Ultimate Tribute from Teammates

Damar Hamlin Receives Ultimate Tribute from Teammates

Damar Hamlin Receives Ultimate Tribute from Teammates

A group of high school students from Brattleboro, Vermont have taken on an incredible challenge. They are planning to hike the entirety of the Appalachian Trail in just two weeks.

High-schoolers from Brattleboro, Vermont are planning to make history with their pursuit of the Appalachian Trail. A group of nine students, ranging from sophomores to seniors, are turning a wild fantasy into reality: hiking the entire 2,189 mile Appalachian Trail in just two weeks.

The daring challenge began when the group was discussing summer plans. After plenty of preparation and research, they finalized the ambitious journey. Assembling a robust supply of supplies, the group’s enthusiasm for the endeavor hasn’t faded. All nine of them are determined to use their resilience and determination to take it on, believing that the tough journey will be worth it for the views, invigorating atmosphere and overall sense of accomplishment.

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In a statement shared with the press, the students described the ambition behind their hike: “We will climb up mountains, conquer each and every ridge, and make our way through some of the most stunning passes, most challenging terrain and most exotic wildlife…This promises to be the most fulfilling and exciting journey of a lifetime and we hope to emerge as stronger and more capable people.”

The historic journey is set to begin on July 17th, after which the students will embark on a seemingly impossible quest of completing the famed hiking trail – in only two weeks! Supported by family and friends, readjusting after the hike and celebrating the accomplishment is in plans as well.

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Eagerly awaiting the start of their once-in-a-lifetime hike, a group of nine high school students from Brattleboro, Vermont are ready to make history by becoming the first to hike the entire 2,189 mile Appalachian Trail in 14 days. Despite significant challenges, the students still remain enthusiastic about their pursuit and believe that their dedication and determination will help them achieve their goal. As the students described in a statement, their journey will bring personal growth, stunning views, and an overall sense of accomplishment. The adventure is set to begin on July 17th, and the group will be supported by their families and friends throughout the two-week journey. While the challenge is daunting, passionate and hardworking, the nine hikers are determined to succeed and make history.

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