Czech Government of Petr Fiala Faces No-Confidence Motion

Czech Government faces Early no confidence vote amid tight presidential election race

On January 19, 2023, the Czech public chain CT24 reported that the Czech government had been put to a vote of no confidence. To pass, the motion would require 101 votes out of a total of 200 seats. However, 81 votes were in opposition to the government, 102 voted against.

This early no confidence vote occurs in the midst of the presidential election campaign. The leader of Alliance of Discontented Citizens (ANO), Andrej Babis and former general Petr Pavel are both running in the second round of the election.

The disapproval of the Government followed their attempt to eliminate issues such as access to medicines, social services, labor offices and attempts to modify the VAT from the parliamentary debate. According to senior government officials, this motion is likely a part of Babis’s presidential campaign. He is expected to try to gather votes from Pavel in the second round of elections.

The tycoon has been known to use aggressive rhetoric, alluding to Pavel’s alleged militarism and favoring Ukraine against Russian occupation. Babis, on the other hand, wants to sponsor a peace conference.

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