Cusco: Over 140 bird species in Piuray lagoon micro-basin


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A recent discovery has brought attention to the Cusco region. A team of specialists from the National Institute of Research in Glaciers and Mountain Ecosystems (Inaigem) has found a total of 147 mountain species living in the Piuray micro-basin. This important discovery has been incorporated into the Bird Guide of the Piuray micro-basin, which includes detailed information about the physiological characteristics, distribution, habitats, reproduction, and feeding of these species, along with high-quality images and photos.

The researchers also recorded data on the changes in these animal species throughout the year and the sounds that allow certain behaviors to be identified. Some of the species identified include the American owl, huallata goose, giant coot, and Tyrian hummingbird.

According to VĂ­ctor Bustinza, head of the Inaigem regional headquarters in Cusco, this research has allowed them to recognize the richness and variety of all the endemic birds present in the ecosystem, as well as other migratory and threatened species. The study team, consisting of 3 specialists from Inaigem and 18 volunteers from the Ornithology Research Circle of Cusco, spent about a year collecting data and abundance through monthly censuses, day and night tours, and other systematized actions.

The research focused on the Piuray micro-basin because it is one of the main mountain territories that provide water resources to the city of Cusco, with more than 32% of the inhabitants consuming the waters of the Piuray lagoon. Therefore, its conservation is necessary.

Piuray Lagoon, surrounded by the imposing Andes mountains, spans approximately 1.5 square kilometers and offers a peaceful refuge for those looking to escape urban life. It is also an important habitat for various species of waterfowl and fish, making it a popular destination for bird watchers and fishing lovers. The lagoon’s waters are also ideal for water sports such as kayaking and paddleboarding, attracting adventurers in search of thrills.

For local communities, the Piuray lagoon is a sacred site of great spiritual and cultural importance, reflecting the harmony between nature and humans and the importance of preserving and respecting the natural environment.

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