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Cult Mom Lori Vallow Faces New Trial Request After Guilty Verdict for Murdering Her Two Children

Cult Mom Lori Vallow Faces New Trial Request After Guilty Verdict for Murdering Her Two Children

Lori Vallow’s legal team is requesting a new trial after raising concerns with the ruling that found her guilty of murdering her children, Tylee and JJ, as well as conspiring to kill her current husband’s former wife. The attorneys highlighted three issues with the proceedings that they believe warrant a second trial.

First, the defense team claims that some jurors were confused by the instructions given during the trial. Specifically, they cite an interview that one juror did with a local newspaper as evidence that the jurors did not understand the distinction between demonstrative evidence and character evidence.

Secondly, Lori’s legal team alleges that the court only allowed the jury to consider a conspiracy of two people, despite the indictment stating that at least five people, including Lori, her brother Alex Cox, and her fifth husband Chad Daybell, entered into a conspiracy.

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Lastly, the defense team argues that the statute of grand theft was not adequately clarified to the jury. They claim that the government changed the statute, which was included in the indictment for a clerical error, two years after charges were filed.

Prosecutors have yet to submit a response to the motion, which was filed on the last day allowed. Lori Vallow’s sentencing is expected in three months, and she may face life in prison.

In addition to the charges for her children’s deaths, Vallow is also facing a new indictment for conspiring to kill her niece’s ex-husband, which was made public recently. Brandon Boudreaux was allegedly shot at in 2019, and police in Gilbert, Arizona, accuse Vallow and her late brother of conspiring to commit the crime. Chad Daybell is also set to stand trial for allegedly murdering Vallow’s children next year.

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