Cuban Worker Kidnapped in Haiti Last Week Emancipated

Cuban Worker Kidnapped in Haiti Last Week Emancipated

Cuban Doctor in Haiti Released After Kidnapping

On February 1 of 2023, the Cuban Medical Brigade in Haiti released the Alejandro Aguilera Milanés, a doctor who had been kidnapped in Port-au-Prince a week before on January 23. The Cuban Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) gave a statement expressing their gratitude to the Haitian authorities and those of good will that helped to achieve the release.

Though this incident occurred, the Cuban medical brigade remains dedicated to the people of Haiti and strict security measures are in place. As a result of the political instability in Haiti, kidnappings have become commonplace due to armed gangs demanding ransoms.

Cuban physicians have been aiding the people of Haiti since 1998 after the devastation left behind by Hurricane George. After 2010, the medical brigade was recently deployed in the wake of the cholera outbreak and Hurricane Matthew in 2016.

EFE confirmed the report with MINSAP and the safe release of the Cuban worker – the Cuban driver -worker of the Provincial Health Directorate of Las Tunas in Eastern Cuba.

The Cuban government continues to work diligently to help the people of Haiti, even with the political instability in country.

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