Cuban Opposition Groups Request Biden Make No Concessions to Cuba in Letter

Cuban Opposition Groups Request Biden Make No Concessions to Cuba in Letter

Cuban opposition rejects US-Cuba dialogue
Cuban opposition organizations have released a letter to US President Joseph Biden, asking him not to engage in dialogue with Cuba until Cubans “may decide their destiny”. The signatories warn of the “threat” of the Cuban dictatorship, calling for sanctions to curb “impunity for criminals in power”.

The letter, entitled “Lend a hand to the Cuban people”, was signed by opposition organizations and leaders, including the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU) led by José Daniel Ferrer, who has been imprisoned since 2021.

It calls for the US to not “make concessions to the Cuban regime” unless certain conditions are met, such as the unconditional release of all political prisoners and the end of “state terrorism” repression.

The signatories emphasise the risk to national security posed by the Cuban government, referring to its support for foreign terrorist responsible for civilian losses and its strengthening of relations with Russia and China.

Finally, they urge that Cuba not be removed from the list of countries that sponsor terrorism, and ask President Biden to “take necessary diplomatic, economic, and legal measures” to address the Cuban regime and support the Cuban people.

In statements to EFE, two of the signatories said that not talking to the Cuban government would be “absurd”. Rosa María Payá, daughter of Oswaldo Payá, warned that the US needs to understand the risk to its national security posed by the Cuban dictatorship.

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