Cuban Abraham Pérez Arrives at Miami Airport with Pick and Shovel


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Abraham Pérez, a 21-year-old Cuban, arrived in Miami through humanitarian parole and was greeted by his family with pick and shovel. His uncle, Rigoberto Castillo Díaz, brought him gifts and emphasized the importance of hard work for immigrants, especially Cubans. Abraham started working the day after he arrived, highlighting the lack of opportunities in Cuba and the desire of young people to leave the country to find work.

Abraham’s uncle, in addition to the pick and shovel, provided him with other tools to continue working in the construction industry, emphasizing the importance of hard work to achieve success. He believes in building men rather than repairing broken men in the future.

In a separate incident, a 13-year-old teenager named Derek Rosa called 911 to report that he had killed his mother with a knife while she was sleeping. The chilling call revealed the teenager’s fear and confusion as he spoke to the operator. The police arrived at the scene and arrested Derek, finding his mother dead in their home.

The authorities are still investigating the motive behind the murder, as Derek has not provided a clear explanation for his actions. He sent photos of the crime scene to a friend, known as “Sweden,” whom he met online through video games. Derek has been charged as an adult and is currently in custody at the Metrowest Detention Center in Doral, Florida.

During the hearings, a video of Derek’s confession to the police was presented, revealing the brutal nature of the crime. His mother suffered 46 stab wounds, and Derek’s emotional state during the confession was evident. The investigation into the case is ongoing, as authorities try to understand the reasons behind the tragic event.

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