Cruz Cafuné presents ‘Me moveo con Dios’, an album full of great collaborations


Cruz Cafuné stars in one of the most anticipated musical releases of this first half of the year. The artist presents I move with God, his new recording project. An album that she began working on during the pandemic, which has finally seen the light of day this Friday, May 26.

Formed by a total of 23 songs, I move with God It is one of Cruz Cafuné’s most ambitious projects to date. An album in which the artist has had great collaborations and with which he has once again conquered the scene underground national

the canarian artist He has spent many years demonstrating the talent that is hidden on his island, and once again, he makes history again with his new album. An album in which she explores new melodies, but in which she maintains her essence and her characteristic sound, the one that has taken her to the top of the industry.

«A very important idea of ​​the album is the self-imposed need to be in constant movement, either to feel fulfilled, useful in what you do or to meet your own expectations or those that you think the club has of you. Besides, I try to do it from love and with a greater objective of inspiring and touching people with these reflections»explained the artist in a recent interview with QG.

Regarding the concept of his new album, the artist explained in the same interview that: “I have articulated this discourse with the image of the shark, which is present in the teaser and on the entire disk. Sharks do not have a swim bladder and for water to enter their gills they have to move all the time, even while asleep. We found it a very powerful symbol: if the shark stops, it stops breathing.”

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On the other hand, Cruz Cafuné is already preparing for his return to the stage. Under the title of I Move With God Tour, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Seville and Bilbao will be some of the cities to which he will take his tour Throughout this 2023, in addition, in 2024 he will arrive with his tour to his native island, Tenerife.

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