Cristina Saralegui Sets the Record Straight on Her Health Status


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Cristina Saralegui turned 76 on January 29 and recently appeared on Despierta América to celebrate her birthday. She shared that her fans were concerned about her health due to false reports. Cristina clarified that she is doing well and is not an alcoholic, drug addict, or broke. She expressed that the rumors cause concern to her loved ones.

Before her return to Univision, Cristina celebrated her birthday with friends and her husband, Marcos Ávila. She posted a photo with Emilio Estefan, María Antonieta Collins, and Luz María Doria on Instagram. She also celebrated her grandson Domenic’s 13th birthday with her family.

Cristina Saralegui has two grandchildren from her daughter ‘Titi’. She became a grandmother for the first time when ‘Titi’ gave birth to Domenic in 2007. Her granddaughter Cristina made her first communion last year, and Cristina shared a loving message for her on Instagram.

Cristina Saralegui is married to Marcos Ávila, and they have a son together named Jon Marcos. She also has grandchildren from her stepdaughter Stephanie. Cristina has been away from television for several years but remains close to her followers, sharing her time as a mother and grandmother.

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