Cristina Pedroche’s Unique Breast Milk Ring


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Cristina Pedroche is overjoyed to be a mother, and she cherishes every detail and memory from this stage. Recently, she showed off her latest acquisition – a unique ring made with her breast milk. Known for her originality, especially from Las Campanadas, the presenter always surprises with her looks, occurrences, and publications. After becoming a mother to her first daughter, Laia, with chef Dabiz Muñoz, her creative side and biological clock are more awake than ever.

In addition to tattooing the uterine waves she had during the birth of her little girl, Pedroche has now made a personalized ring with her breast milk. She shared details of this special piece on Instagram, revealing that it is made of white gold and diamonds in a heart shape. This unique piece of jewelry allows her to always carry the memory of the time she was breastfeeding her baby, which was not easy for her.

At the beginning of her breastfeeding journey, the presenter suffered a lot as it was not as she had read or imagined. She was honest with her followers, showing that she had to put cabbage leaves on her breasts to ease the pain of the cracks that had appeared. She expressed her emotions on her account, sharing her fears, pain, tears, and doubts about whether she could handle it. Cristina has always been open and willing to share with her followers everything related to her motherhood, both the good and the bad, which is a very sincere and empowering act on her part.

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