Cristian Castro slams father El Loco Valdés for vices and infidelities: “Quite a drug addict”


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Cristian Castro and “El Loco” Valdés met when the singer was an adult. It is well known that Cristian Castro did not meet his father, the remembered comedian Manuel El Loco Valdés, until he was an adult. He was finally able to meet the man who fathered him with Verónica Castro in 1974. Despite the fact that El Loco was not a father figure present in the man’s life, Cristian has shown his respect towards the deceased in 2020, although in a recent interview he revealed his disapproval of his lifestyle.

In a recent interview, Cristian criticized the addictions that his famous father suffered during his life. He revealed that his father was a drug addict and very dependent on alcohol and drugs. Despite his addiction problems, he always remained close to his wife. Cristian acknowledged that his father, despite having had children out of wedlock, always remained close to his wife Arcelia Larrañaga.

The extravagant singer also admired his father for staying with his wife and trying to be on good terms with her, despite having cheated on her. In September 2023, Cristian talked about his father on an Argentine program, where he revealed that he called his father because he wanted to meet him. He admitted that he was initially afraid of him, but he lost his fear around the age of thirty and decided to reach out to him.

Cristian also revealed that his father had a controversial habit of recreational marijuana consumption. He confirmed that his father smoked marijuana until his death, which occurred in August 2020 when the Ensalada de locos comedian was 89 years old. According to Cristian, his father was the top of the joint and continued to smoke marijuana until he was 90.

Cristian’s relationship with his father was complicated, but he has shared his thoughts and feelings about him in various interviews. Despite their differences, Cristian has shown respect for his father and has acknowledged both his flaws and his positive qualities.

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