Cristian Castro invites Luis Miguel to join forces: “I am his soldier”


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Luis Miguel and Cristian Castro are both well-known Mexican singers who are famous for their romantic ballads and impressive vocal abilities. Despite their similar musical styles, the two artists are not as close as some may think. In fact, they have not been seen together in public for quite some time, despite having known each other for many years.

In a recent interview, Cristian Castro expressed his feelings towards Luis Miguel, with whom he once shared a friendship. However, in recent years, their relationship seems to have become strained. Cristian was disappointed when Luis Miguel did not greet him during one of his concerts in Buenos Aires, despite being invited by the star.

During an interview on the América TV program Instrusos, Cristian addressed the way he was portrayed in the Netflix series “Luis Miguel: The Series.” The show depicts the rivalry between the two singers in the 1990s, including their romantic pursuits of American Cuban presenter Daisy Fuentes, who was a popular VJ on MTV LA at the time.

Cristian expressed his dissatisfaction with the way he was portrayed in the series, stating that it made him look bad and portrayed him as a jealous person. He also admitted to feeling some resentment towards Luis Miguel for distancing himself from their friendship.

The singer emphasized the importance of unity among colleagues in the music industry, particularly among ballad singers. He expressed a desire for more solidarity and brotherhood among artists, and hoped that Luis Miguel would be more supportive of his fellow musicians.

Cristian’s comments come after his brother, Marcos Valdés, praised his singing voice, describing it as one of the best in Mexico. According to Marcos, Juan Gabriel once said that Cristian had one of the best voices in the country, highlighting the importance of recognizing and supporting fellow artists.

In conclusion, while Luis Miguel and Cristian Castro may not be as close as some fans believe, their relationship highlights the complexities of the music industry and the importance of unity and support among colleagues. Despite their differences, both artists continue to be celebrated for their contributions to Mexican music.

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