Couple Shakira and Pique Reach Agreement With Casio

Soccer Star Lionel Messi Partners With Watch Brand VIX

Soccer star Lionel Messi announced he has partnered with watch brand VIX on a new project. The news comes after controversy surrounding Messi’s collaborator, Shakira.

In Messi’s “Kings League” program, he explained that he had reached an agreement with the watch brand. “I’m very pleased to join forces with VIX for this new project,” said Messi.

VIX operates as an unlimited entertainment streaming platform and features over 100 channels with movies, series, soap operas, sports and more, all free and in Spanish. Messi considered it a great opportunity to be a part of the platform due to the vast selection of content in his native language.

“VIX is delighted to have joined forces with Messi to offer a great selection of content in Spanish to their subscribers at no cost,” shared co-founder, Juan Soto.

With this platform, Messi will continue to bring great entertainment to the world in his native language.

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