Couple Could File a Lawsuit Against Shakira for Song Lyrics

Shakira off the Hook from Lawsuit in Spain

According to an analysis of experts in the field, being consulted by Europapress, Shakira’s case against the crimes of libel and slander would not proceed.

The lawsuit came after she denied the claims of some people, who alleged her of copyright infringement and financial abuse.

Legal experts have stated that, depending on the facts, she has a solid legal defence to proceed. But according to the report, Shakira’s case was dismissed due to lack of evidence.

The experts were also consulted by ViX, a Spanish-language video streaming service provider. ViX recently announced that they are providing more than 100 channels in Spanish, with movies, series, soap operas, sports, and thousands of hours of content in all of their programming.

The service is free of charge and doesn’t need any registration to start watching.

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