Costco resellers strike: 50-peso increase on select items


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Costco, the popular department store, has recently announced changes to its online purchasing costs. The store has seen a surge in popularity among the Mexican public in recent months, with its sales increasing despite some controversies. However, the store is now planning to implement a new rule that will increase the cost of products in the miscellaneous section by 50 pesos. This change could have a direct impact on controversial resellers.

Costco has become a favorite among urban shoppers, thanks to its bulk-selling model. Despite its efforts to promote online sales through marketing campaigns, the store has found that most buyers still prefer to visit its physical locations. This success has led to increased sales for the department store.

In an effort to encourage customers to purchase more of its products, Costco has announced that starting in February 2024, all items in the grocery section ordered online will have an additional cost of 50 pesos each if the total order does not exceed 1,500 pesos. This change may affect frequent consumers and resellers who rely on online orders.

According to Costco, the reason for this change is to encourage customers to make larger purchases and reduce the need for multiple orders in a short period of time. The additional cost will also help optimize delivery times and reduce packaging, shipping, and home delivery costs.

In addition to the cost changes, Costco has also announced new delivery policies. Orders placed before noon will be delivered within two days, while orders placed after noon will take up to three days for delivery. These changes are important for customers to consider when placing online orders.

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