Costco Reseller Seeks New Products to Sell in Store


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Resellers have gained a bad reputation on social media, with stories of people buying large quantities of products and trying to sell them at a higher price. One such example is a man who bought many Roscas de Reyes and attempted to sell them in the parking lot of the same store.

Jesús ‘in my style’, a Costco salesman who became popular for buying a large number of Roscas de Reyes to resell, recently asked his TikTok followers for advice on finding new products for his business. In a video, Jesús shared his desperation at not being able to find anything new to resell at the store, showing foods such as salads, pizzas, and chilis in nogada, and even pretending to cry.

While some users believed the video was real, Jesús often posts this type of content as a joke and to provoke those who criticize reselling products from Costco. Some users suggested selling the chicken by the piece, while others hoped that measures would be put in place to stop resellers from taking advantage of Costco’s products.

Due to the high popularity of Costco cakes, the supermarket chain is considering implementing new membership rules to combat resellers. There have been reports of people fighting to get their hands on Costco cakes, and the store is now seeking to end the unauthorized use of memberships. Costco consumers have accused resellers of lending memberships to each other to buy products at a higher cost outside the stores.

In response, Costco is planning to require customers to present identification when paying at checkouts, and some stores have even implemented the scanning of membership cards at the entrance. The store’s official site states that memberships must be valid, have a photograph, and be in the name of the person carrying it, as they are non-transferable.

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