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Cordero Urges Fernández to Respect the Institutions

Chile’s Minister of Justice, Luis Cordero, has responded to criticism from Argentinian President Alberto Fernández, who accused the Chilean Justice system of aiding those who persecute political opponents. The criticism arose due to the postponement of the trial for alleged political corruption related to the SQM case, which involves former presidential candidate Marco Enríquez Ominami. Cordero dismissed Fernández’s comments as “impertinent and improper,” and urged him to be respectful of Chilean institutions. This is not the first time Fernández has criticized Chilean Justice, having previously signed a letter from the Puebla Group denouncing the prosecution of Enríquez Ominami.

The SQM case has been under investigation for eight years, with a new postponement of the trial occurring in February 2023. The case investigates allegations of illegal financing of candidates and political parties using payments from mining company Sociedad Química y Minera de Chile. In response to the repeated delays in opening the oral hearing, a court ordered the opening of a summary investigation against judges and officials of the Judiciary.

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Argentina’s President Fernández has previously signed a letter from the Puebla Group in which 29 signatories denounced the prosecution of Enríquez Ominami. Chile’s Justice Minister Cordero has previously stated that he would not comment on the performance of judges in the Argentine justice system.

Fernández’s cabinet includes Santiago Cafiero as Chief of Cabinet, Felipe Solá as Chancellor, Martín Guzmán as Economy Minister, Agustín Rossi as Minister of Defense, Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro as Minister of the Interior, Tristán Bauer as Minister of Culture, Ginés Gonzalez García as Minister of Health, Carlos Zannini as Treasury Attorney, Miguel Ángel Pesce as head of the Central Bank, Mercedes Marcó del Pont as head of the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP), Victoria Donda as head of the National Institute against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism (INADI), María Eugenia Bielsa as Minister of Territorial Development and Habitat, Malena Galmarini as head of Argentine Water and Sanitation (AYSA), Daniel Arroyo as Minister of Social Development, and Matias Lammens as Minister of Tourism and Sports. Gustavo Béliz is Secretary for Strategic Affairs.

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