Corallia: Integral Component of Greece’s Innovation Ecosystem

Corallia: Integral Component of Greece’s Innovation Ecosystem

Corallia: The Greek Organization Revolutionizing Innovation Ecosystems

Innovation and entrepreneurship are the cornerstones of economic growth and development. Corallia, the first Greek organization dedicated to the management and development of innovation ecosystems, has created a universe of innovation in Greece in the last 18 years.

Founded in 2005 as part of the Athena research center, Corallia is the first organization that systematically supports the growth of innovative companies and entrepreneurship. Its mission is to help drive companies forward in terms of people development, product development, and high-value-added services.

Corallia has supported over a thousand companies, including three hundred start-ups, and aims to expand even more. In InnoHUB, many large and small companies work under the same roof, with Corallia supporting their innovation and helping them collaborate with each other. The organization also supports these companies in attracting investors and capital.

According to Nancy Liva, director of Corallia, designing innovation in Greece is their main principle. The goal is for companies based on innovation to create products and services with high added value. This is crucial for the Greek economy to be more innovative and competitive internationally. Corallia’s plan for the future is to create a financial instrument that helps them transfer technical knowledge from academic and research institutions to the market.

In conclusion, Corallia has become an essential component to innovation and entrepreneurship in Greece. It has provided the necessary support for many start-ups and companies to grow and succeed, further strengthening the country’s economy. With its ambitious plans for the future, Corallia shows no signs of slowing down and remains dedicated to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in Greece.

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