Controversy surrounds meat consumption due to environmental impact

In the age of climate change, our eating habits are coming under scrutiny. Part 5 of the Zona Docu Program delves deeper into the topic of meat consumption and its impact on animal welfare and the environment. The documentary features Friederike Schmitz, who leads workshops in schools where children learn about how animals raised for human consumption live. In one of her workshops, students represent on the classroom floor how much space a fattening pig has.

But not all breeding methods are inhumane. There are methods that are respectful of animal welfare, and it is important to educate ourselves and children about them. Friedrich Mülln, founder of SOKO Tierschutz, reveals scandals in the meat industry. He tells us how his concern for animal rights has driven him to put himself in danger since he was just 13 years old. He believes that consumers who run the chain are the actual enemies, not slaughterhouses.

Activist Tobias Leenaert, founder of ProVeg International, lives on a farm with liberated and rescued animals. He believes that the vegan movement will not make progress with arguments alone. Sometimes, a delicious alternative must emerge first for people to be receptive to an ethical argument. Leenaert makes concessions and is convinced that many people reducing their meat consumption will have more influence than a few radical vegans.

The documentary confirms that the most effective way of doing activism always reflects our vision of humanity at the same time. It shows that children think similarly to adults when it comes to feeling sorry for animals and understanding that we are headed towards a climate catastrophe. However, it is still difficult to change our habits. Friederike Schmitz reflects on what gives her hope and raises doubts. The debate brings to light the fact that it takes more than just arguments to change our behavior.

Ultimately, the end of the carnivorous era is on the horizon. It is up to us to make the necessary changes to ensure that animals are treated with respect and our planet remains habitable.

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