Controversial book withdrawn from Spanish stores


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The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming more common in various fields, including music, graphic design, and literature. Recently, a controversy arose when Spanish bookstores pulled a novel by Katherine J. Chen titled “Joan of Arc” due to concerns about the book cover. The cover was created using AI and was criticized by illustrator David López for its design errors and the potential harm it could cause to professional designers and illustrators.

López pointed out several flaws in the cover, such as inconsistencies in texture, unclear elements, and issues with the depiction of soldiers and armor. His posts gained attention on social media, leading to some bookstores announcing that they would return the purchased copies to the distributor. The booksellers emphasized that they were not opposed to the use of AI, but rather the non-remunerated use of artists’ work, which they viewed as unfair and harmful.

In response, the publisher Planeta defended the cover, stating that it was created by a designer on their team using common design programs that incorporate AI features. They also highlighted that their art and design department consists of over 30 workers who oversee the creation of all book covers. Planeta emphasized that a human team is always involved in the conception and execution of their covers.

The controversy surrounding the use of AI in book cover design raises important questions about the role of technology in the creative process and the ethical considerations of its implementation. As AI continues to advance, it is essential to consider the impact on artists and creators, as well as the need for ethical guidelines and fair compensation for their work. The intersection of AI and art presents both opportunities and challenges, and it is crucial to navigate this evolving landscape thoughtfully and responsibly.

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