Congress of Peru Rejects Delay in Elections Until 2023

Congress of Peru Rejects Delay in Elections Until 2023

The Peruvian Congress Rejects Bill Contemplating General Election in 2023

The Peruvian Congress on Wednesday (02.01.2023) rejected a bill that contemplated general elections for 2023, leaving 48 dead due to protests against President Dina Boluarte and other parallelt politicians in the country in the last seven weeks.

The plenary session rejected the second proposal to anticipate the elections with 54 votes in favor, 68 against, and 2 abstentions, which was short of the 87 needed to pass the legislative.

Head of Parliament José Williams said, “Gentlemen in Congress, the constitutional reform project has not reached the number of votes provided for its approval in article 206 of the Constitution”.

The bill proposed holding elections in December of this year, but was rejected by the left-wing congressmen who had the approval of President Boluarte.

The protests in the streets are demanding for the re-election of the president and congressmen, which is also the goal of the bill, Left-wing parliamentarian Hernando Guerra García from the Fujimori party, Fuerza Popular said, “The purpose of this proposal is only one, we have advanced this issue because our country is bleeding to death”.

President Boluarte had called on Congress on Sunday to approve the early elections in the face of the social crisis that is shaking the country.

Alonso Cárdenas, professor of Political Science at the Antonio Ruiz de Montoya University (UARM) said, “This is the total divorce between the political class and the citizenry”.

Congress tried to debate the anticipated elections related to the condition of passing a referendum to form a Constituent Assembly, but sadly could not reach an agreement.

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