Congress launches offensive against Bolaños for extending amnesty


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The Popular Party (PP) is planning to ask up to five questions and an interpellation to Minister of the Presidency and Justice, Félix Bolaños, during the first control plenary session of the year in the Plenary Session of Congress. The purpose is to hold him accountable for the Amnesty Law and its extension to crimes of terrorism and treason.

The PP spokesperson, Miguel Tellado, wants to know what Bolaños understands by terrorism, following President Pedro Sánchez’s statement that the Catalan independentists “are not terrorists.” The PP leader, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, plans to address President Sánchez directly, seeking to find out if he is aware of the reality of his Government, especially after Junts stopped the processing of the Law of Amnesty.

The general secretary of the PP aims to question Bolaños about how far the socialists are willing to give in to remain in La Moncloa, while her colleague Elías Bendodo wants to inquire about the “signaling of members of the judicial race” that the Executive promotes. Additionally, Bendodo wants to ask Bolaños for explanations about the attacks on judges, and Vox spokesperson Pepa Rodríguez de Millán plans to censor those that bear the signature of the “partners” of the coalition Executive.

The deputy spokesperson of the Popular Group, Rafael Hernando, is interested in the ‘Russian plot’ of the ‘procés’ and seeks Bolaños to advance whether the “new amnesty law” will forgive the “crimes of high treason against the State.” Sergio Sayas, another ‘popular’ deputy, will demand details about what Bolaños understands by “a habitable Spain”, one of the consequences that, according to the minister, the amnesty for the independentists will bring.

In addition to these questions, the PP wants to have a more extensive debate with Bolaños to urge him to clarify how he plans to make the continuity of his legislature compatible with the prevalence of the Spanish Constitution and European Law. This questioning will give rise to a motion on this matter that will be put to a vote in the next Plenary Session of Congress, scheduled for the week of February 19, after the Galician elections.

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