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Carlos Sainz was in Italy yesterday to present the first karting with his name, the CS55, made in collaboration with the OTK group. It was a private event, so he did not wear any Ferrari symbols or sponsors. He spoke to Sky Sports about Formula 1, addressing the signing of Lewis Hamilton for the Italian team for 2025, meaning he will not renew with Ferrari when his contract ends. Sainz said he already sensed something and is focused on giving his best in his last year at Ferrari.

The competitor admits that the start of the campaign will be somewhat atypical due to these announcements but is motivated to start the season and go for victory in the World Cup. He emphasized his strong motivation and philosophy of always taking steps forward in his career. Sainz is not worried about his presence in F1 beyond 2024 and is focused on giving his best with Ferrari.

He acknowledged that he has varied his preseason somewhat with a view to this campaign, changing his coaching team and modifying his preparation. He is doing more cardiovascular work and has gone back to cycling. He plans to do as much training as he can in both karting and car, as it’s what he enjoys the most.

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