Commotion Erupts at Anti-Government Protest in Israel


Thousands Protest in Israel Over Controversial Judicial Reform – Saturday Brings Mourning and Demonstrations

40,000 people took to the streets of Tel Aviv on Saturday (01.28.2023) to protest the most far-right and religious government in Israel’s history and its controversial judicial reform. The Movement for Quality Government in Israel, organizing the protests, expressed their shared pain and mourning with the families affected by the three armed attacks that left seven civilians dead in Jerusalem and Jericho, thus replacing the noise and music of past marches with a somber silence.

13,000 protested in Haifa, hundreds in Herzliya, and more than 10,000 in other cities, resulting in the largest demonstrations recorded in Israel in recent decades. The proposed reform includes the “nullification clause,” permitting Parliament to reverse Supreme Court decisions, and eliminating the court’s discretion.

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The demonstrators were joined by members of the LGBTI community, threatened with homophobia under the new government, including proposals that allow professionals to deny services to people on the basis of religious beliefs. The march, though somber and respectful of the recent grief of the country, was still a powerful and impactful move to oppose the judicial reform.

The protest is scheduled to continue; the Movement for Quality Government remains committed to the mission of maintaining a balanced government in Israel.


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