Colombian politicians dismiss Milei’s criticism of Petro


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The president of Argentina, Javier Milei, recently called President Gustavo Petro a “murderous communist, who is sinking Colombia”. This led to a strong response from the Colombian Government, with the Colombian ambassador to Argentina being called for consultations. The Colombian Government also demanded a rectification or review of the relationship with the Argentine Government.

The Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement expressing its strong protests against the disrespectful and irresponsible statements made by the president of Argentina. They emphasized the deep ties of friendship, understanding, and cooperation that have historically united Colombia and Argentina.

The president of Congress, Senator Iván Name, also strongly rejected the accusations made by the president of the Argentine Nation against President Gustavo Petro Urrego. He called for the brotherhood of Latin American leaders to set an example and respect each other.

The fight between Milei and Petro has been ongoing for a while, with the Colombian president comparing his Argentine counterpart to dictators Videla or Pinochet during the Argentine presidential campaign. This comparison was met with the same rejection that the Argentine president’s accusations generated.

The former senator and former candidate for Mayor of Bogotá, Gustavo Bolívar, demanded that the Foreign Ministry ask for a rectification or review the relationship with the Argentine Government. He emphasized that Petro has never been a communist nor has he murdered anyone, and called for a serious approach to diplomatic relations.

Representatives from the Chamber also condemned Milei’s statements, calling them an attack on the dignity of an entire country. They emphasized the need for all citizens, regardless of political color, to raise their voices in protest against Milei’s statements about President Gustavo Petro.

While there were few who celebrated President Milei’s statements, the general sentiment in Colombia was one of strong rejection and demand for respect in diplomatic relations. The Colombian Government and various political figures emphasized the need for diplomacy, respect, and institutionality to prevail above all, despite differences between leaders.

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