Colombian Government Declares Natural Disaster from Forest Fires


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Firefighters in Bogotá, Colombia have been working hard to put out fires in the southern part of the city. The government has declared a natural disaster due to the forest fires that are affecting many regions of the country. This has been made worse by high temperatures, lack of rain, and droughts.

The Colombian Presidency has signed a natural disaster decree to allocate necessary resources to deal with the emergencies caused by the forest fires. They are also committed to working together to address the consequences of the El Niño phenomenon, which is a climatic event caused by the warming of the Pacific Ocean and is currently affecting the Pacific region, the Andean region, and the Caribbean.

The emergency decree will last for twelve months, but can be extended for an additional twelve months with the approval of the National Council for Disaster Risk Management. This decree also requires the creation of a specific action plan to respond, rehabilitate, and reconstruct the affected areas.

The mayor of Bogotá, Carlos Galán, has praised the support of the Air Force in controlling the fires. He mentioned that they have completed over 400 water discharges from Blackhawk helicopters, which has helped to improve the situation. Additionally, the government is working with international protocols from the United Nations to protect the Amazon jungle from the fires.

Authorities have reported that 443 forest fires have been put out in various parts of the country, with nearly thirty being extinguished in the last few hours. However, the Colombian president, Gustavo Petro, has canceled his trip to Antarctica and Chile in order to focus on the situation at home.

The government is working hard to address the forest fires and provide support to the affected areas. The situation is being closely monitored, and efforts are being made to prevent further damage. The international community is also being called upon to help in protecting the Amazon jungle from the fires.

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