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Colombian Government and ELN Reach Agreement to Negotiate Ceasefire

The Colombian government and the National Liberation Army (ELN) has announced the start of a ceasefire in a revamped peace negotiation agenda that emphasizes citizen participation to achieve a “national agreement.” The framework of the pact will be International Humanitarian Law (IHL), a series of norms that regulate armed conflicts to protect the civilian population. The parties announced that they will hold the third cycle of negotiations in Cuba, although they did not specify the date on which it will take place. The talks have the support of Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Norway, Mexico and Venezuela as guarantors, and those of Germany, Spain, Switzerland and Sweden as companions. The eventual silencing of the weapons provides for an “oversight, verification, and monitoring mechanism”, on which the parties have not yet provided details. Although much work still needs to be done before the peace process can be completed, this ceasefire marks an important step towards ending hostilities and the historical socioeconomic inequalities in Colombia.

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