Clovis rescues Carlos from nomination on The House of Famous 4 live


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Clovis Saves Carlos

Clovis was faced with a difficult decision when he had to choose which of his companions to save. Ultimately, he decided to save Carlos, who was nominated but is now safe from leaving The House of the Famous. The tension was high among the inhabitants, but a group of fans outside La Casa de los Famosos started cheering, adding to the dynamic of the situation.

The positions of the inhabitants were clear. Some wanted Maripily to leave, including Aleska, Robbie, and La Bebeshita. Others, such as Romeh, Gregorio, and Ariadna, wanted Fernando to leave. At the moment, no one had positioned themselves behind Carlos to leave. La Bronca wanted La Divaza to leave, and Guty Carrera wanted Thalí to leave. Clovis isolated himself before deciding who to save, causing general nervousness inside the house.

Felipe Aguilar Díaz, Thalí’s husband, made a joke about a sausage controversy that had arisen in the house. The inhabitants had started a fight over sausages that someone ate without warning, and they apparently blamed Thalí. Felipe posted a photo with the missing sausages and half an avocado on a plate, with a sign that read “Paying Thalí’s debt.”

As the Positioning Gala approached, the inhabitants were eating, exercising, and resting, wondering who would be saved and who would be eliminated. The positioning consists of each inhabitant standing behind one of the nominees and stating the reasons why they want them to leave. The final decision rests with the public, but the confrontation can generate tensions and influence people’s votes.

According to surveys on Facebook and Twitter, Maripily could become the third eliminated from La Casa de los Famosos 4. The nominees for the week were announced as Maripily, Fernando Lozada, La Divaza, Carlos ‘el Cañón’, and Thalí.

As the inhabitants prepared to stand behind the celebrity they wanted to see eliminated, some names began to be heard more loudly, including Maripily Rivera. Clovis, the leader of the week, was given until Sunday to announce which inhabitant he had decided to save. Maripily had 13 votes, Fernando had 11 votes, La Divaza had 10 votes, Carlos had 8 votes, and Thalí had 8 votes.

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