Closes Apex Legends and Cancels Battlefield

Closes Apex Legends and Cancels Battlefield

EA Cancels Mobile Game Developments

Electronic Arts has canceled development of Apex Legends Mobile, the iOS and Android version of its successful battle royale, and Battlefield Mobile, a project that intended to bring the FPS experience of the saga to the touch format.

The servers of Apex Legends Mobile will be closed on May 1st, 2023 due to not being able to maintain the quality standards they expected. Officials from EA and Respawn Entertainment made a joint statement, citing goals to reach an “exceptional level” of game quality. Despite the game being removed from app stores, there are no plans for a real money refund for players who bought items in-game.

The statement also declared that the desktop version of Apex Legends will remain unaffected. Furthermore, EA has confirmed the cancellation of the development of Battlefield Mobile. Officials cited “strategy to create a deeply connected Battlefield ecosystem” as their reason for canceling the project.

Overall, Electronic Arts’ recent moves in the mobile gaming market may signal a shift in their priorities.

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