Climate Change Impact: El Niño 2024 in California


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The recent storms in Southern California are a result of El Niño, bringing heavy rains and flooding. These storms are typical for this time of year and are important for filling water reserves and supporting the agriculture and lifestyle of the almost 40 million people in the state.

The warm sea temperatures, located from the Baja California peninsula to the beaches of Santa Barbara, are fueling the atmospheric rivers, with temperatures 6 to 8 degrees above average. This warming of the sea is contributing to the strength of the storms.

El Niño was predicted for 2024 since last year, and its impact is expected to be felt in Southern California between December and March. The recent rains are not the only impact of El Niño, as it has also caused devastation in Mexico and had repercussions in Asia, South America, and Africa.

Data from NASA shows that the increase in ocean heat caused by El Niño was a factor in the development of Hurricane Hilary. While it is a strong El Niño, it is not a “Super Niño” as initially speculated. However, experts believe it is one of the five most powerful El Niño events since 1950.

The trend suggests that with each El Niño event, not only the ocean but also global temperatures continue to rise. This raises the question of how high temperatures in the region could rise in the coming months after breaking global heat records.

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