Civilians in Iraq Continue to be Killed by Islamic State Group Jihadists

ISIS Attack In Albu Bali Leaves 8 Dead, Six Wounded

On December night at Albu Bali, a town of 5,000 inhabitants 70 km north of Baghdad, an attack on the town by a commando of the Islamic State (IS) group left eight dead and six wounded, all civilians.

Jabbar Alwan, whose son, grandson and two cousins ​​were among the victims, describes the situation as “very painful.” His neighbor, Ali Menuar, was grazed in the neck by bullets. In the wall of the latter’s home, the shots left holes the size of a fist.

According to a UN report published in the summer of 2022, the jihadist organization would have “between 6,000 and 10,000 fighters in Iraq and Syria, concentrated in rural areas.” The organization claimed responsibility for the attack using pejorative terms, referring to the Hashd al Shaabi group, former pro-Iranian paramilitaries now integrated into regular Iraqi troops.

Uday al Jadran, mayor of Al Jalis, explains that the jihadists are no longer trying to take over territories, but are dedicated to carrying out “villainous operations.” He also added that the attack was possible because of the lack of security forces.

Prime Minister Mohamed Shia al Sudani called the mayor and urged prevention of any violent response. To ensure further safety, 200 men have arrived as reinforcements and surveillance cameras have been installed in Albu Bali as per police colonel.

Jabbar Alwan fears there can be “another incident.” He warns, “It won’t be the last.”

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