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Cinecittà Studios CEO on Pain of SAG-AFTRA Strike

Rome’s Cinecittà Studios Undergoes Radical Overhaul

Key Takeaways:

  • Rome’s Cinecittà Studios has undergone a radical overhaul led by former and Sky Italia executive Nicola Maccanico.
  • Maccanico has attracted productions to the studios, such as Netflix’s “The Decameron” and Roland Emmerich’s “Those About to Die.”
  • The SAG-AFTRA strike is starting to impact the studios, but Maccanico hopes for a solution in the coming weeks.
  • Cinecittà is not solely reliant on Hollywood productions and has a broad range of clients.
  • Plans for new studios in Rome have been announced by entrepreneur Tarak Ben Ammar.
  • The Italian government is committed to supporting the industry through rebates.

Rome’s Cinecittà Studios Undergoes Radical Overhaul

Nicola Maccanico, a former Warner Bros. and Sky Italia senior executive, has spearheaded the radical overhaul of Rome’s Cinecittà Studios since June 2021. The government-owned facilities recently secured a multi-million dollar loan provided by the ’s post-pandemic recovery fund to upgrade and expand the iconic facilities.

Under Maccanico’s leadership, the studios have transformed into a magnet for Hollywood productions, with 20 state-of-the-art soundstages and one of Europe’s largest LED walls. Netflix’s period soap “The Decameron” and Roland Emmerich’s gladiator series “Those About to Die” are among the notable productions that have been filmed at Cinecittà Studios.

The SAG-AFTRA strike, however, is starting to impact the studios. Maccanico acknowledges that could become a significant problem for them. He is hopeful that a solution will be found in the coming weeks to mitigate the strike’s impact on the studio’s growth trajectory.

Cinecittà Studios is not solely reliant on Hollywood productions. Maccanico that they have worked with a wide range of productions over the past two years, including international broadcasters, line producers, and various international productions. This diverse clientele gives the studios greater flexibility in responding to the effects of the SAG-AFTRA strike.

Entrepreneur Tarak Ben Ammar has announced plans to open new studios in Rome, citing Cinecittà’s full capacity. However, Maccanico clarifies that the notion of being fully occupied through 2030 is an illusion. Like other studios, Cinecittà continues to seek opportunities for growth and remains accessible to productions.

The Italian government remains committed to supporting the film and industry through tax rebates. There are no indications of changes that would negatively impact foreign productions, as the government recognizes the positive potential of this industry for the country.

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