Cicero Officials Seek Minimum Wage Restaurant Workers


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Cicero Township officials recently traveled to Springfield to show their support for the working class and to advocate for the elimination of the substandard minimum wage for tipped restaurant employees. They believe that these employees should be allowed to receive the same minimum wage as other workers for their hard work. This issue is currently being considered in the Illinois General Assembly.

Diana Dominick, the first lady of Cicero, presented a statement in support of this bill and also participated in a workers’ rally. She was joined by Cicero Trustee Blanca Vargas, State Representative Elizabeth Hernandez, and State Senator Javier Cervantes. Ms. Dominick expressed her pride in representing Cicero and emphasized the importance of supporting this legislation, which aims to eliminate the substandard minimum wage for employees, support the working class in Cicero, and keep the restaurant industry thriving.

If the bill passes, it will not only protect restaurant workers but also benefit owners. Cicero is located near Chicago, where the minimum wage for workers is higher than in any other city in Illinois, and even higher than in some other states. This has prompted officials to seek similar benefits for municipal workers in Cicero who work in restaurants. Additionally, Chicago has already eliminated its substandard minimum wage for tipped workers, making it essential for suburbs like Cicero to take similar steps to ensure they are not at a disadvantage.

During a conference, Cicero’s first lady stated that this legislation would help both workers and restaurant owners. She described it as a victory for workers, businesses, and the entire economy. The Municipality of Cicero expressed its gratitude to Representative Hernandez and Senator Cervantes for their leadership and to the entire coalition for their efforts.

The bill being considered in the Illinois General Assembly aims to eliminate the subminimum wage for employees and allow them to receive the minimum wage for their work. It is seen as a positive step for both workers and restaurant owners in Cicero. By allowing restaurant employees to earn the minimum wage, establishment owners in Cicero will also benefit.

Overall, the officials from Cicero are committed to supporting the working class and advocating for fair wages for restaurant employees. They believe that this legislation will not only benefit the workers and the restaurant industry but also contribute to the overall economic growth of the municipality.

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