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Christina Aguilera Joins Playground, a Leading Sexual Wellness Brand

Christina Aguilera Joins Playground, a Leading Sexual Wellness Brand

Christina Aguilera Becomes Co-Founder and Chief Wellness Advisor of Playground

Christina Aguilera has backed sexual wellness brand Playground by becoming its co-founder and chief wellness advisor. Playground specializes in personal lubricants and offers four water-based lubricants, including Date Night, Love Sesh, Mini Escape and After Hours, all of which are plant-based, vegan, and contain natural ingredients such as bamboo extract, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E.

In an interview with Hypebae, Aguilera said she loves “helping other women who find this topic to be scary and not such a safe space, feel empowered.”

More than a Lube: Vitamins for Your Vagina

Aguilera also referred to Playground lubricants as “vitamins for your vagina,” adding that the natural ingredients used in the formulation make the lubricants good for women’s sexual health. “Sometimes you never know what chemicals and things you’re putting in your body,” Aguilera said.

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Empowering Women with Playground

Aguilera, who has been open about her sexuality and love for exploring sex, believes that lubricants are a sex essential. “Even when I was 21, lube was just part of the conversation,” she told Cosmopolitan. “As early as that was for me in my career, I’ve always loved talking about sex.”

She also thinks that the sexual wellness industry needs more empowerment for women. “There are multiple places that I realize I orgasm from that I didn’t use to when I was in my twenties,” Aguilera said. “The more you explore, the more you discover.”

What Celebrities Say About Sexual Wellness

Aguilera is not the only celebrity to endorse a sexual wellness brand. Pop queen Madonna has been promoting her Crave Vesper Vibrator Necklace on Instagram, while actresses Dakota Johnson and Cara Delevingne have also been associated with sex toy brands.

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In general, the sexual wellness industry has seen more celebrity partnerships and endorsements in recent years, indicating a growing interest in sexual wellness and empowerment.

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