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Christian Nodal expresses his love for Cazzu with a song

Christian Nodal expresses his love for Cazzu with a song

The music was what originated the love story between Christian Nodal and Cazzu, a few months after their debut as parents, Nodal never ceases to surprise the Argentine rapper, since now he composed a song for her where he expresses what she means in their life.

Under the title of ‘Cazzualidades’, the representative of the regional Mexican genre described the musical piece as “precious” in a meeting with representatives of the media.

The emotional song not only directly alludes to the future mother of his daughter, since she participates with him in the official video. It should be noted that in the song, the composer assured that the South American, “It’s the best that she touched him”, for which he assured that Julieta Cazzucheli, the rapper’s real name, is her madness.

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Christian Nodal and Cazzu.Getty Images

The appearance of the trapper in the video is crucial, since she is the protagonist of it, everything revolves around her. The composition is part of the album ‘Foraji2’, where the Mexican experimented with new sounds, as well as focused on writing deeper lyrics in all the songs included.

The direction of the ‘Cazzualidades’ clip was carried out by the experienced director Fernando Lugo, who portrayed the couple in a tender and passionate way. Cazzu looked spectacular, as she came out dressed in a long red dress that not only made her look elegant, but also very sensual.

From the beginning of the lyrics, Nodal is direct with what she makes him feel, “It may not be Romeo, but I love my Juliet. / Since that night I always find her in my dreams / The sad thing is when I wake up and she is only in my thoughts”.

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On the other hand, the sound work of the piece also takes into account the culture of the trapera, since it includes tango rhythms, music originating in Argentina, combined with regional Mexican music, something that makes it unique, since this type of mixing is not common in Christian Nodal’s proposal.

In the main chorus, said fusion becomes more noticeable, “And talk about love, just you and me / With the moonlight on your lips / Fernet, hotter than the sun / To talk about love, to talk de vos / Tell me your secrets, I know what to do with this, love you better”.


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The Mexican composer boasted of the release of the song on his Instagram profile, where the rapper recognized him for this tribute, “Thank you my love, for writing me the most precious song in the world, I love you very much! @nodal”.

A few hours after ‘Cazzualidades’ was released, the video has been viewed 1,000,000 times on YouTube.

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