Christian Domínguez: Mary Moncada reveals their first encounters: “He flirted, I flirted back”


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Christian Domínguez has found himself in the middle of a scandal after being caught on camera meeting with another woman, Mary Moncada, while still in a relationship with Pamela Franco. The controversy was brought to light on ‘Magaly TV La Firme’ on January 29, where Mary Moncada did not hesitate to share details about her encounters with the singer with Magaly Medina.

Pamela Franco, the mother of Christian Domínguez’s last daughter, had a good relationship with the singer. However, Mary Moncada revealed that she met Christian in mid-2023 during a presentation by the host of ‘América Hoy’. She initially claimed not to know him, but was attracted to him after seeing him on stage. According to Mary, Christian began flirting with her from the stage during an outing with her family, and eventually gave her his personal number after the event.

Mary even provided a video as evidence of her meeting with Domínguez, showing how they maintained eye contact and flirted while he performed on stage. She admitted to following his “little game” and eventually gave him her personal number. Their second meeting occurred in June of last year in the city of Chepén, where they had a good time together.

Despite being in a relationship with Pamela Franco, Christian Domínguez continued to communicate with Mary Moncada, asking her when she was coming to Lima and exchanging photos with her. This has led to accusations of infidelity and betrayal on Christian’s part.

The scandal has caused a rift in Christian Domínguez’s relationship with Pamela Franco, and has raised questions about his fidelity and honesty. Magaly Medina, who had a good relationship with Pamela Franco, has been accused of protecting Christian Domínguez by not exposing his infidelity.

The situation has caused a stir in the media and among fans of Christian Domínguez, with many expressing disappointment and outrage over his actions. It remains to be seen how this scandal will affect his career and personal life in the future.

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