Christian Domínguez caught sneaking into Karla Tarazona’s house: “Could have been her tearjerker”


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Christian Domínguez was captured entering Karla Tarazona’s house, which has caused quite a stir. The latest edition of ‘Magaly TV La Firme’ on January 31st revealed that Christian Domínguez, after being involved in a popular scandal at the beginning of the year, decided to visit his ex-partner, Karla Tarazona. It is believed that he sought refuge to meet his son amidst the media frenzy surrounding him.

The presenter of ‘América Hoy’ has not yet addressed the accusations or publicly apologized to Pamela Franco. This is in contrast to the recent statement made by the cumbia singer, who announced her separation from Franco on her Instagram stories. Cameras from the entertainment program captured the meeting between the singer and the former host of ‘Préndete’, as Christian arrived in the iconic white van with Mary Moncada.

Magaly Medina expressed surprise at Christian Domínguez seeking “refuge” in Karla Tarazona’s house. She commented on the situation, suggesting that Tarazona has become his confidant and friend. Medina also highlighted the irony of the situation, given that Tarazona herself has experienced similar circumstances to those faced by Franco.

Karla Tarazona recently expressed her willingness to collaborate with Christian Domínguez on television projects, but she made it clear that she would establish specific conditions for any possible collaboration on screen. She emphasized the need to see each other due to their common son, Valentino.

Tarazona conditioned the collaboration on television with Christian Domínguez, stating that out of respect for his current partner, Pamela Franco, she would only be willing to share the hosting of a program when he is single. She thanked Melissa Paredes for reacting kindly to her call.

It seems that there is a rekindled friendly relationship between Christian Domínguez and Karla Tarazona, as they seem to get along well despite their past differences. The situation has caused quite a stir in the media and has sparked public interest in the dynamics between the two former partners.

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