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In January 2022, the second daughter of ‘La Diva de la Banda’ took over the leadership of Jenni Rivera Enterprises LLC and Jenni Rivera Fashion LLC, replacing her aunt Rosie Rivera. Rosie’s departure was amidst controversy over alleged mismanagement, causing Chiquis and her brothers to distance themselves from her and other family members.

The eldest daughter of Jenni Rivera had her sister Jacqie as a guest in the most recent episode of her podcast ‘Chiquis and Chill’. There they talked about what it has been like for Jacqie to be CEO of her late mother’s companies. “I think there are moments that make it difficult,” said Chiquis’ sister. “There is a lot of drama,” she added about how she comes home exhausted from her work and highlighted the support she has from her husband Mike Campos. “I have felt mom so close, teaching me how to grow” she confessed about the almost two years she has been leading the legacy left by her mother.

When talking about the work that Jacqie Rivera does as CEO, Chiquis praised the work her sister has done and talked about how the companies were supposedly doing before she took charge of them. “Everything is better (now), it’s just that it was a mess…”, the singer confessed about the management they had before, but without mentioning their aunt Rosie Rivera, the previous CEO. “My younger sister grew up, is what I can say. “She’s big, she’s huge,” she highlighted about the work Jacqie has done. She is now the older sister and that is how I feel: it is my sister’s position, I respect her,” he added.

Mike Campos, Jacqie’s husband, was present at the talk, whom Chiquis thanked for “letting” his wife “take this responsibility for all of us,” said the artist, referring to her other siblings: Jenicka, Johnny and Michael. “It was a disaster,” Chiquis insisted, “there are still a lot of things happening, there are a lot of things we have never talked about and “Only if necessary,” Jacqie noted. Mike Campos added that he “saw some files” and realized how “generous” his mother-in-law Jenni Rivera was, however, Chiquis She did not delve into further details.

Chiquis’ accusations occurred after it was announced in May 2021 that Johnny L√≥pez, his younger brother, requested an audit to companies when her aunt Rosie was still in charge. The controversial management of Rosie Rivera She accused that “someone close” to her supposedly did it: “A couple of years ago someone was stealing from Jenni Rivera Fashion, someone very close to Rosie and she knew it, Rosie He said it to my sister Jacqie. As the money was paid, I think it was like $80,000 that was stolen, as he already paid everything.”

Jenni Rivera Enterprises LLC and Jenni Rivera Fashion LLC are the two companies that the artist left behind. Her empire and the family conflicts it caused have been a topic of discussion. The discord caused Chiquis and her brothers to distance themselves from her and other family members, such as her uncle Juan Rivera, who also worked in those companies. The controversial management of Rosie Rivera has been a point of contention, leading to her departure amidst strong controversy over alleged mismanagement. The family continues to navigate the challenges and responsibilities of running Jenni Rivera’s businesses.

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