Chile Declares Agricultural Emergency Over Drought in Magallanes

Chile Declares Agricultural Emergency In The Magallanes Region Due To A Megadrought

The Government of Chile declared this Friday (01.13.2023) an agricultural emergency in the Magallanes region due to an unusual drought. The decree declares an “agricultural emergency situation due to water deficit in the Magallanes region due to the effects of productive damage derived from this condition” and provides economic resources for the area.

The winter of 2022 was particularly dry, recording only 8.8mm of rain in the entire month of November, far from the historical average of 60mm. It has been said by the Presidential Delegate of Magallanes, Luz Bermúdez, that the water expectations were not met due to the lack of rain.

This emergency declaration brings with it funds that will help the “forestry, agricultural, beekeeping and livestock producers” of the region, whose capital, Punta Arenas, has a population of 125,000. These funds will help to improve water management and develop new sources to channel water with plants and pumps, says Gerardo Otzen, President of ASOGAMA.

In addition to Magallanes, central Chile has suffered from a megadrought for more than a decade. In 2021, the rainfall deficit was 71%. The winter of that year was officially the driest of the 21st century in that area, according to the Meteorological Directorate.

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