Chile: Audio Exposes Criticism of Rafael Bielsa by Antonia Urrejola

Chilean Foreign Minister in hot water over leaked audio calling Argentine Ambassador ‘Crazy’
Chile’s Foreign Minister Antonia Urrejola has found herself in hot water due to a leaked audio. In the audio, Urrejola insultingly described Argentine ambassador Rafael Bielsa as ‘crazy.’ The audio was of a private meeting and both countries have responded since then.

The Foreign Ministry acknowledged on Tuesday the “mistakenly leaked audio” and also stated that Urrejola sent a complaint to Santiago Cafiero, her Argentine counterpart.

The source of Urrejola’s frustration stemmed from Bielsa’s criticism of the Chilean government’s decision to reject the Dominga mining and port project due to its environmental impact. In response to the government’s decision, Bielsa remarked that “five species of animals woke up jumping today because they are not going to disappear.”

Hours after the news of the audio spread, Urrejola arrived in Buenos Aires to participate in the CELAC meeting and closed the controversy, affirming “My role is to be able to strengthen and take care of the bilateral relationship.”

Santiago Cafiero added his two cents, exclaiming “no leak defines the relations between brother countries such as Argentina and Chile.”

Consequently, the press officer of the Chilean Foreign Ministry was dismissed due to the carelessness of the leaked audio.

The audio caused a wave of criticism from all political sectors who condemned the informal tone and profanities.

Despite the issue, both countries have assured the public that their bilateral relations remain strong.


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